Is Homeschooling the Future of Education?

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Is homeschooling really the future of education? Now that the number of homeschooled children has almost doubled from 1999 to 2012, a lot of parents have started looking at the merits of homeschooling. As per a survey in the US, approximately 3% of students are homeschooled and more than 7% of families would like to consider homeschooling their children if they could. 

While most families understand the importance of homeschooling, some doubt their abilities to be able to teach their children, while for some, it is a burden. A lot of patents doubt if they can really teach all the subjects to their children. The rest of the families, where both parents are working do not have time to devote to their children. They believe that irrespective of the fact that homeschooling has many merits, it limits the interactions that children could have had if they were in schools. If children are homeschooled, they might not learn how to work with a team, share and cooperate with their peers. 

If families introduce the hybrid schooling model to educate their kids in their growing years, children would receive proper attention and get to interact with kids of their age. This could be done by sending them to schools for a couple of days and homeschooling them for the rest of days. With such a setup in place, this would help in a child’s overall development. It is important to understand that education begins at home, and it is utmost important to pay the necessary attention to a child’s education at home. Even if parents have home tutors for their children, it is still necessary that parents devote some time to keep a track of their child’s progress. 

While schools teach children to be disciplined and well mannered, parents can identify their child’s interests and help him gain expertise in that area. With such a hybrid model in the education space, parents who like traditional schooling and understand the importance of homeschooling can find an alternative. Parents that might want to work can choose to work part-time while they focus on their child’s development. 

However, one must also look into the fact that if parents are adopting hybrid schooling or homeschooling, how many years would they be able to keep up with it?

 It is often seen that parents adopt such practices for a year or two and then ultimately children are sent to traditional schools. It is a rarity where parents homeschool their children from nursery till the time they reach college. Leverage Edu is helping students with mentor-mentee model, where students connect to mentors who had a similar journey, and mentor-mentee model is something which would be future of home schooling.

With the advent of Science and technology, different solutions can be brought to use if you are considering homeschooling for your child. One such recent discovery is in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Technology. With such advancements in the education industry, there is little doubt that all that was taught in schools can be learned at the comforts of homes. It is a relief for parents who are considering homeschooling as a viable option that would contribute to their child’s learning. Moreover, hybrid schooling and use of robots in homeschooling are helping parents greatly. It provides an option for parents who are either convinced that traditional schooling is best, or they are working. With such advancements and growing awareness on the benefits of homeschooling, it is undoubtedly, the future of education. 


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